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Private Academy for Additive Manufacturing

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The idea

A private „3D Academy“

The OKM2000 group has been active in the Additive Manufacturing field since 2014. Our focus here is on the trade with 3D printers and 3D scanners. Our portfolio was constantly expanded by new manufacturers and technologies and so the need to be able to adequately train our own team and the employees of our partners and customers arose more and more.

Since the currently available offerings did not meet our needs, we decided to launch a private “3D Academy” in early 2020.


For us, the focus was and is on the integration of all important technologies and active training on and with the corresponding hardware. Especially the large practical part of our different training offers brought various problems. We were able to solve this thanks to a cooperation and are already looking forward to inaugurating our new training center at the end of 2021.

Currently we are still using our premises in Mistelbach and Bayreuth. But even here we can resort to more than 300sqm for these purposes. Due to high demand, our new training center will provide more advanced 550sqm for theory and practice.

  • Online training offer (A)

Intensive course Additive Manufacturing

  • Maximum 65 hours spread over 2 weeks
  • 5 – 20 participants
  • Training languages: German, English (theory only)
  • Dates theory: 1x per month German, 1x per quarter English
  • Dates practice: Currently not available. But hopefully bookable again from summer 2021, as long as the situation due to the pandemic is under control again.

Course contents in detail

You start with the “Intensive Course Theory of Additive Manufacturing“. This course is implemented exclusively digitally and provides participants with the most important knowledge from the following sub-areas:

  • History
  • Manufacturing process
  • Basic knowledge plastics
  • Design and construction for additive manufacturing
  • 3D scanner in additive manufacturing and demonstration
  • The FLM process
  • The SLA/DLP procedure
  • The SLS process
  • Post-processing and quality assurance in additive manufacturing
  • Economic considerations

In total, participants go through over 50 lessons in approximately 35 hours spread over 5 consecutive business days.

More details on the individual lessons can be found in our course overview:

For each section there is a short multiple-choice test and at the end of the course again a summary exam. Based on these exams, a certificate of the AM-Academy is then created for each participant and sent by mail in high-quality print.

The second major part deals with the practical consolidation of the previously learned theoretical knowledge. For this purpose, we offer a total of 5 different courses, each of which comprises 6 hours and is implemented separately on one day. Of course, you can also complete all courses within one week and then get the exclusive opportunity to evaluate a project of your choice together with us in detail and, if possible, to practically implement a first prototype. Depending on your level of knowledge, you can take only certain courses or choose the complete package.

Here are the available courses, which all take place in our training center:

Upon completion of the respective courses, you will receive a certificate from selected hardware manufacturers (SLS e.g. Sinterit) and / or a certificate of participation from the AM Academy.

  • Training offer (B)

Continuous Fiber 3D printing

  • 6 hours spread over one day
  • 5 – 20 participants
  • Training languages: German, English
  • Dates: 1x per month

Although this technology has been around for many years, demand for it is currently increasing as the advantages of this technology make the purchase decision easier for many due to the falling TCOs.

Again, we start with a look at the history of this technology and show the advantages and disadvantages. Further still, the various materials (substrate and fiber) are closely examined.

The section on CAD design taking into account the possibilities of additive manufacturing is extended here to include the problem of CFT.

In the third and most important part, the practical exercises take place on Anisoprint systems. The focus here is on the Composer A4 and Composer A3. The new flagship industrial printer from Anisoprint Prom 500 will follow in 2021. The hands on approach scope is on hardware, software and maintenance.

The last part is an overview of post-processing of Composites 3D printed components. However, this part is only briefly considered.

On the last day of the course there is only a summary of the topics and a final written and oral examination of the participants.

AM Studio Flightcase

Due to the new challenges and the sometimes high travel and accommodation costs, we also offer certain courses as an online variant.

We have developed a special solution so that the participants can complete practical training on the printers, just as they do in our training center. Upon request (for an additional charge), we will ship a training set in a custom flight case. This includes the necessary hardware of the FFF and SLA technologies. Appropriate accessories, consumables and samples. SLS is unfortunately more difficult to image, so only sample parts and powder come with it in the flight case.

You also don’t need a table or anything like that, all items will fit on the flight case. You only need about a free area of 5 x 4 meters, a normal socket and access with door width encoded_tag_closed 80cm for the flightcase (80x120x160cm). >

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Additive Manufacturing

Here you can find all current training dates

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Why you should
AM Academy
should visit

Whether you have no experience with additive manufacturing or are already using certain technologies. Our “crash course” offers a good opportunity to build up and deepen knowledge.

Basically, we have designed our curriculum to enable participants to work more productively and confidently with these technologies after the course and also to provide appropriate advice for upcoming decisions regarding new acquisitions or expansions in the field of additive manufacturing.


Target group

  • Users who want to deepen their knowledge
    (new technologies, new approaches, practical experience)

  • Newcomers who want to build a comprehensive foundation so that they can later also be employed in areas with additive manufacturing
  • Employees who are to be significantly involved in upcoming purchases of new hardware
  • Start-ups, which want to realize themselves in the field of “3D printing

What makes us different

Theory and practice in the balance

Most training offers in this area completely dispense with a practical part or limit themselves to one technology. However, participants should be given a targeted overview of all important technologies and also be able to use these technologies themselves. The post-processing and finishing of the components is also usually not considered in detail. However, this can be decided on a case-by-case basis.


With regard to the various technologies from the field of additive manufacturing, we will limit ourselves in the Crash Course to the technologies with the highest prevalence in industry and among service providers.

The biggest attention is paid to FDM, SLA/DLP and SLS. Here we also specifically address the most important manufacturers and the advantages and disadvantages of the respective technologies. Business management considerations are also included.

At the request of the participants, Continuous Fiber can also be looked at in more detail, as this technology is currently in high demand but still growing.

Our rooms

OKM3D in Mistelbach (Germany)

In our premises in Mistelbach, the practical part will be carried out at least until September 2021. After that, we will have a much larger training center at our disposal.

Therefore, three simultaneous courses would be realizable afterwards. Further still, the intensive courses would also be accommodated there, since these naturally have a higher demand on the technical equipment.

Depending on the number of participants, we currently either use our own rooms for the theoretical part, or fall back on larger conference rooms in Bayreuth, so that the currently necessary distance can always be maintained.

In any case, participants will be provided with drinks and snacks during the training sessions.


Our hardware

In our rooms in Mistelbach, we have access to over 20 3D printers of various technologies and sizes.

Here is an excerpt of the currently available systems:

  • Anisoprint Composer A3
  • iBridger i340
  • IEMAI HT Max
  • Raise3D E2 Series
  • Raise3D Pro2 Series
  • Ultimaker S5
  • Zortrax M200 Plus
  • Zortrax M300 Dual
  • Phrozen Mini 4K
  • Phrozen Sonic 4K
  • Phrozen Shuffle
  • Uniz Slash
  • Zortrax Inkspire
  • Sinterit Lisa
  • Sinterit Lisa Pro
  • EinScan Pro2 Plus
  • EinScan Pro H
  • Thunk3D D300
  • Thunk3D Archer S

Our digital training platform

In our online platform we impart the theoretical knowledge and also check what has been learned with the help of multiple-choice tests. Thus, we conduct the “Intensive Course Theory of Additive Manufacturing” only ONLINE. This saves travel and hotel costs. However, the quality of the presentation and the possibility of interaction are VERY HIGH on our list of priorities. Therefore, we have set up a film studio with various green screens especially for this course so that our instructors can present the digitally superimposed information in an interactive and comprehensible way. The equipment used is state-of-the-art and guarantees high sound and image quality.

Lecturers and guest speakers

Sven Bagger

Sven Bagger studied industrial engineering at the University of Bayreuth, first in the Bachelor and then in the Master. In 2020, he graduated and wrote his master’s thesis on the novel additive manufacturing process “High Speed Sintering”.
Since December 2020, Sven has been designing AM Academy courses and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge in the field of additive manufacturing.

Sven Bagger, Industrial Engineer M.Sc (German / English)

As a technician at OKM 3D, Carsten has plenty of experience with filament 3D printers and everything that needs to be considered when operating them. Carsten takes over the German language part of the practical part for FLM printers.

Carsten Turtenwald, (Hands on FLM Deutsch)

As a technician for OKM 3D Tomasz has extensive experience with filament 3D printers and everything one has to know in order to use them effectively. Tomasz is responsible for the English part of the practical application part of the classes concerning filament printing.

Tomasz Twardoch, (Hands on FLM English)
Robert Garbacz Support manage

Robert is an After Sales Manager in Sinterit since 3,5 years ago.
He is responsible for Technical Support and Service.

Robert Garbacz, (Support manager)

Almost 4 years in 3D (Sinterit).
Previously working in international companies within different market sectors.

Janusz Wroblewski, (GM/Sales Director at Sinterit)

Our customers

Customer reviews

Very well organized and conceived. By following the course, I was able to learn and understand with minimal questions or frustration. It taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well paced. A fantastic introduction to Additive Manufacturing!

Paul W.

AM Academy’s compact course covers the entire field of additive manufacturing well. My knowledge of the procedures I have known so far has been expanded, after the course I feel able to work with the other procedures as well.

Jonas H.

Thanks, for the informative and great online course in Additive Manufacturing, can only recommend it.

Heiko J.

The Intensive Theory Course is an all-around well-designed and structured online course that is also very suitable, especially for beginners in additive manufacturing.

Konrad H.

Our partners


AM Academy Zertifikat

XXL printers are increasingly in demand, so we have also purchased one so that the course participants also have the opportunity to work with such machines.

AM Academy Zertifikat

We are upgrading our machinery!
New arrivals: Sinterit PHS (Powder Handling Station) and some new sample parts from the SLS area.

AM Academy Zertifikat

And a new course is coming to an end and we are preparing the certificates for shipment. Many thanks to all participants for the gratifying feedback and the very interesting discussions.

Am Studio

AM Studio, the solution for hardware training at your site. Together with the “Intensive Course Theory Additive Manufacturing” you have here a complete package for internal training for up to 4 persons.

am-academy online training beta

Today our BETA test for the “Intensive Course Additive Manufacturing” has started. Thank you to all participants for the feedback. We are looking forward to the next days.


Engineers are converting into 3D printing to get better-paid jobs

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